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"Simon is also one of the most entertaining speakers I have ever heard. If you find yourself at a conference where he is speaking, make sure you attend his session. His style is both informative and unique, a definite must see"- Rick Clark, RackSpace

"I invited Simon to speak at the 2008 it@cork Green IT Conference and it was one of the best decisions I made. Simon's talk was phenomenal." - Tom Raftery, IT@Cork

"Everyone should have an opportunity to hear Simon Wardley speak. Simply put Simon is "brilliant' both in his ability to distill and explain complex technology trends and how they impact participants." - Jenny Ambrozek, SageNet

"Simon is one of the clearest and most entertaining speakers I've had the pleasure to see presenting. He has fantastic insight into a wide range of technological and political issues and - more importantly - has the rare skill of being able to communicate these issues with clarity and humour"- Mike Ellis, EduServ

"Simon has been instrumental in leading one of the most important changes in the IT landscape at the start of the 21st century — the commoditisation of IT in the form of computing resources as services''- Mark Masterson, CSC

"“Simon is one of the best public speakers I have ever seen. Meticulous, engaging, humorous, wide-ranging, chock full of great ideas."- James Governor, RedMonk

"I saw Simon speak at the Web 2.0 Expo this year. It was a distinct pleasure - he explained with crystal clarity topics that are often murky and vague. He did this not only with fabulous logic and clever dialog, but also an engaging and vibrant slide deck. As someone who also speaks on these topics (I also spoke at the Expo), I now consider Simon to be the gold standard.""- Adam Jacob, OpsCode

"Simon's recent talk at Web2 Expo SF was excellent. Well-informed, lively, skilled at providing context, engages your brain. Not to mention a wonderful sense of humor. Have to agree with Doug's comment: "Any conference that refuses to let Simon speak is missing out on the future."- Gina Blaber, O'Reilly

"a great speaker" - Dug Falby

"one of the few presenters that kept me paying attention throughout" - Steffan Williams.

"Simon, I have had the pleasure of seeing you present at 3 different cloud events in the last year. CloudCamp London and Powered by Cloud stand out as highlights. Your presentations are vivid, thought-provoking, well researched and highly entertaining. Having presented at a couple of the same events, you make the rest of us look like enthusiastic amateurs, presentation-wise. You would make a great key-note speaker for any cloud based event."- Rhys Hope Jones, RBS

"Hi Simon, heard you speak at the first London Cloud Camp last year. Inspiring, entertaining and informed talk, and the high point of a very fine evening"- David Harvey

“Simon has provided useful insight on the issues around process and innovation in a way that is particularly relevant to the role of an innovative company. The quality of his research is unquestionable and he is exceptionally thorough. He has a cogent well reasoned basis for everything he says. I would heartily recommend his work to anyone looking at how to ensure that their company is positioned to create equity out of innovation.”- Rufus Evison, Strategy Director, dunnhumby

"a league of its own" - CodeMobsters.

"Simon’s presentation style is an astonishing mix of insight punctuated with humour, with slides reinforcing words and statements in rapid fire – it’s a rollercoaster ride and came top in our audience feedback rating. Butler Group is very pleased to have had Simon speak at our events."- Michael Azoff, Senior Research Analyst, Butler Group

"Simon has been a great asset on the advisory committee for the Web 2.0 Strategies event - always enthusiastic and with a never ending supply of great contacts! His incredibly engaging presentation style on the day added tremendous value to proceedings and I look forward to working with Simon on future events."- Lorna Candy, Senior Conference Manager, Incisive Media

"I aspire to having the same dedication to kittens as you. As someone who is passionate about making presentations interesting and engaging, I really appreciate seeing you speak. I was once told that good presenting is not far removed from stand-up-comedy… In addition to a passion for good presenting you have a passion about your subject which shows through. To anyone thinking about whether or not to use Simon to present, stop thinking and start begging him to come…"- Joe Baguley

“one of the greatest presentation I've ever seen” - Francois Le Droff

"I saw Simon speak at the <head> web conference in 2008, on open software and innovation/commoditisation. This put cloud computing in a wider context excellently. Considering the conference had over 70 speakers, Simon's was one of the most innovative & memorable. Any future conference I'd make sure to catch the stream he was in."- Jonathan Greenaway

"I heard you speak at FOWA 2007 before the mainstream press was talking "the buzz" about cloud computing. Very interesting, entertaining, and ducks are great. :)"- Lee Mallabone

"I heard you speak in Cardiff last year, and I've never seen such a perfectly structured and delivered talk. My colleague also saw you talk at FOWA in London the year before, and said you were the best of the show - considering there were also presentations from Facebook, Wordpress, Microsoft and others, that speaks volumes. No pun intended." - Dan Zambonini

“immensely entertaining and informative” - Chris Adams

"Fast-moving, lively, humourous, entertaining, information-dense presentation backed by a thoughtful, inquiring & knowledgeable mind. That was my experience of Simon's talk at Open Tech 2008. He's been doing cloud stuff almost longer than anyone, it was only due to bad corporate decisionmaking that his service didn't come to market long before Google App Engine & other such PaaS offerings." - Mamading

"What is important about Simon is not just that he is an excellent and engaging speaker who utters memorable lines. What is really important is that his view on the role of open source and the interoperability need for cloud sucess is correct and heads to be heard. He has had this view, consistently, for along time. And, now, with his position at Canonical, he is well situated to make Ubuntu/Eucalyptus/Amazon interoperability a reality.Any conference that refuses to let Simon speak is missing out on the future." - Doug

“I was lucky enough to be in the audience” - Olof Hoverfalt

"I saw one of your talks at FoWA a few years back now and I can say it was a clearly insightful overview of the industry at that time and your predictions are coming true. The presentation style you used there I have since seen many times and I can understand why, it gets the point across very well. Your content and overall vision was very clearly put across while still keeping everyone excited, even desperate to see the next slide. If I would be very lucky to see you talk again and I wish you the best of luck at your next talk which I am sure they will eat up once they realise just how good you are :D"- Lazzurs

"inspired and entertaining" - John Topley

“Top Notch” …. “great, thorough and thoroughly annotated” - Fredrik Matheson

“highly engaging” - Jonathan Street

"I saw you at Web2.0 expo in Berlin 2 years ago, still remember your talk. The best of the whole conference, no doubt. I also watch when you publish a presentation on the web and I know that your talk just get better with time. You are one of the few people able to explain in a convincing manner not only what is the cloud but also the why and how of utility computing."- Aurélien Pelletier

“thought-provoking” - Doug Clinton

“Simon is a fantastic moderator with a catching way to get the audience cooking and get the most out of the speakers on stage. He is very organized and a great presenter himself. He has gotten a tremendously positive feedback from our audience at Enterprise 2.0 Summit for his speech and his moderation. Personally Simon is great to work with. He has been very helpful also in the preparation stage of the conference and due to good contacts and knowledge he has in the Enterprise 2.0 topic this has been very valuable for the conference success. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”- Thomas Koch, Managing Director, KongressMedia (organisers of Enterprise 2.0 Summit at CeBIT)

"excellent" …. "he really can present in an amusing and interesting way" - Mike Ellis

"I've seen and heard Simon present on several occasions over the last two years. Simon is many things all at the same time. He is controversial, he's provocative. he's challenging, he's logical, he's entertaining and he's philosophical. He's Simon Wardley! As for the Cloud - he's passionate, in-touch and knowledgeable. The Cloud Computing has been appearing for the last 50 or so years (http://nickpoint.co.uk/2009/04/09/cloud-computing-old-wine-in-new-bottles/). Now is the time not to sit on the fence. The time is right for the big shift to happen. And Simon is part of it. Are you?"- Nick Barker

"WOW! Priceless!" - nesrait

"Saw Simon talk at FOWA last year, and found it one of the most interesting out of a great programme. It's not often you feel like a presenter is talking on a intelligent, intellectual level and is really stretching your brain. Simon's presentation was great as I felt like I'd had to think, and was learning something - that's very rare on the web conference circuit. You'd be lucky to have him at your conference!"- Jonathan Waddingham

“entertaining and thoughtful” - Opposition Radio

"entertaining duck and Blair-filled presentation" - The Register

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